Move like a great river;

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Be still as a mountain;

Yang style 12 Form

New 8-week course, of Yang style 12 Form, starting Tuesday 8th October, 2019 10.15 – 11.15 am at Torre Abbey, Torquay. Course cost is £64 and is paid in full on attendance. Places are limited and advanced booking is required. Please go to Contact Us page for contact details.

Yang style Tai Chi is the most popular Tai Chi taught world-wide; and the Yang style 12 Form is the perfect introduction to the slow, gentle movements and relaxed, rhythmic breathing practised in Tai Chi.

 The practise of Tai Chi is an excellent way to improve health and fitness and develop and maintain a strong and vital body. Practice of the 12 Form will also give you you a useful foundation into the postures and movements of Tai Chi should you wish to learn longer Yang-style forms.

 Regular practice of Tai Chi can:

  • Increase flexibility, strength & balance, so preventing falls

  • Improve energy levels, concentration & cardiovascular fitness.

  • Improve posture, coordination, & spatial awareness

  • Help relax & strengthen the muscular & nervous systems.

  • Help tone up muscles & help release tension.

  • Bring a more balanced sense of well being, tranquillity & calmness into your life.

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